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Every Girl’s Dream Teasers April 2023


Every Girl’s Dream Teasers April 2023

We are pleased to inform you about Every Girl’s Dream Teasers April 2023

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Episode 22

Raghav’s misdeeds are exposed. Krisha tries to figure out where Vikrant has hidden the weapons. Raghav asks Rati for proof of loyalty. Devraj returns to the hotel and finds Krisha’s life in danger.

Thursday 2 March  2023

Episode 23

Krisha tells Devraj about the gun smuggling and to put a stop to it, she lies to Devraj. Devraj manages to find Vikrant. Krisha calls the commissioner.

Roma falsely accuses Krisha. Krisha decides to learn the truth and comes to the office. She influences the guests there and Devraj gets angry at her.

Friday 3 March 2023

Episode 24

Krisha locks herself in the room with Devraj, in order to talk to him. Krisha tells Devraj about Roma’s wrongdoings. She later exposes Roma in front of everyone. Krisha exposes Daksh and gives proof of her innocence.

Saturday 4 March 2023

Episode 25

Devraj brings Krisha back to his room. Jaya gives Krisha the responsibility of the palace. Krisha finds the locker empty and later the location of the jewellery is revealed. Gajvardhan threatens Aarav. Devraj surprises Krisha.


Sunday 5  March 2023

Episode 26

Aarav brings Aditi to the palace. Mansingh mentions his last wish and Vamika comes to the palace. Aarav fails to tell Devraj the truth, while an important ritual goes wrong.

Monday 6 March 2023

Episode 27

The doctor gives some grim news about Jaya’s condition which breaks Devraj down.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Episode 28

Vamika doesn’t let Krisha do the press conference. Raghav threatens Rati. Krisha asks Rati to tell the truth.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Episode 29

Krisha sees Vamika and Devraj hugging in the kitchen.

Thursday 9 March  2023

Episode 30

Krisha tries to learn golf for Devraj but ends up facing danger and someone saves her. Krisha and Devraj are not able to spend time because of Vamika. Krisha picks up a call from an unknown number on Devraj’s phone and the caller asks for help.

Friday 10 March 2023

Episode 31

Jaya’s nefarious motive comes to the fore. Devraj shows Krisha a photograph of his father, Maharaj Virendra. Jaya harasses Virendra and reveals why she is punishing him. Later, Jaya tells Virendra about her dangerous intentions.

Saturday 11 March 2023

Episode 32

Vamika tells Krisha that she will win Devraj over at any cost. Vamika pretends to drown in the pool in order to get close to Devraj. Krisha learns the reason why Devraj cannot be the king. Learning Vamika’s intentions, Jaya seeks her help to fulfil her plan.

Sunday 12  March 2023

Episode 33

Vamika and Krisha end up fighting over Devraj. Krisha sees a nightmare. Jaya shares her plan to separate Krisha and Devraj, with Vamika. Later, Vamika takes Devraj to Bishnoi village.

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