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Jobs @BioCarbon Partners Zambia Limited

How to Apply for Jobs @BioCarbon Partners Zambia Limited

BCP seeks an experienced, and energetic individual to generate funding proposals as well as oversee administration relating to their management in the conservation and livelihood sphere. This role will work closely with the CEO and other key staff to design, implement and monitor ‘special projects’ which innovate in BCP’s conservation/livelihoods impact model.

A key part of this role will be the overall project management of each successful funding grant awarded to BCP, and the timely reporting commitments associated with each grant.

The Portfolio Manager (PM) will build capacity to ensure that all grant communications are prepared and submitted to the highest of standards, with concise and realistic quantitative metrics on which to measure progress and success. The PM will coordinate teams of experts to develop and implement work plans in line with the funding proposal, ensuring the key objectives and outcomes are met. Central to this role is the progress reporting and financial report writing aspects. Timely accurate and relevant reports must be submitted in line with the reporting structure and award requirements of each grant. We are looking for a self-motivated, responsible candidate who have previous similar work experience, with strong team leadership skills and a proven results orientated project management track record.

Things We Will Trust You With:

Portfolio management: Managing multiple externally funded projects simultaneously; developing and maintaining a project plan of key events, reports and other client deliverables. Relationship management of clients will be key.

Achieving results: through improving performance and project delivery; identifying the outcomes of a project or service; breaking down complex objectives into manageable tasks with clear responsibilities, targets and deadlines.

Building teams: promoting team working, analysis and problem solving, negotiating and influencing closely with the BCP community engagement, operations and administrative teams to generate and implement multiple project work plans in line with the successful funding applications.

Quality control: managing resources to achieve impact value for money; agreeing performance criteria for projects, services or consultants and reviews critical delivery points; identify potential areas for improvement/ development; ensuring targets are met, identifying problems, solutions and actions, ensuring timely generation of reports and results; Generating financial plans, budgets and project expenditure reports; understanding cost benefit analysis with awareness of cost implications of activities and uses most effective method for achieving results.

Business development: Identifying potential funding opportunities and partners; Generating funding applications based on relevant calls for proposals in line with  the Company Strategic

Objectives. Working with CEO and other team members on designing innovative ‘special projects’ such as household cash dividend scheme experiment, and honey scale up.

Qualifications & Skills required:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Conservation or a related field required.
  • A Project Management qualification and/or proven experience in a business-related field preferred.
  • Relevant experience in funding applications and report writing.
  • Previous experience in Grants coordination, report writing, financial reporting and project management.
  • Coordination and organizational skills – even under a high workload with limited support.
  • Experience working/living in developing countries.
  • Strong assessment, evaluation, analysis and strategic planning skills.
  • Demonstrated partnership and relationship building skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

How to Apply

To apply for this job email your details to nlopa@biocarbonpartners.com

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