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National Service Application Letter Sample-Full Guide

National Service Application Letter Sample-2020-2021 Guide

We are pleased to Refresh Your Knowledge on National Service Application Letter Process-See Full Details below
Application letter is also known as the cover letter this actually just the same with typing your resume. But what makes it different is that you will write it in a paragraph form.Here is an example: Name of the Recipient:_____________ Name of the company:_____________ Address:_______________ Date:______________ Dear ma`am/sir________________: I am _____________________(your name), _____________(age) and I am currently resided at __________________________(complete address). Do hereby sending you this letter as notification that I saw your advertisement while surfing the internet and I am very much interested to apply in your company. I am a college undergraduate student taken up _______________(course) at __________________(school). I have been working since _____________(year you start working). My working experiences are ____________________,________________________,___________________,__________________ (include all your work experience together with the name of the company,position,date). I wanted to work as service crew in your company because all my past jobs are well related with this field of career. I will do all my best to be an asset of your company because I am serious when it comes to work, I am open with new challenges and ideas, I know how to balance work and play , I am efficient and very much effective worker. I hope that you can consider my application letter. And I am looking forward to hear response from you. You can reach through these contact details below: Email address:________________ Telephone number:______________ Mobile number:_______________ Thank you ma`am/sir for the time and for considering this letter. Respectfully yours, _____________(signature) ______________________(Typed name)
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