Sadiya Haruna | Complete Biography |

Sadiya Haruna | Complete Biography

We are so happy to inform you about Sadiya Haruna | Complete Biography

What is Sadiya Haruna biography? According to us Sadiya Haruna was born and raised in the city of Niger state, the veteran actress was born on the 10th of August 1995 right now she is over 26 years old


Sadiya Haruna is a kannywood actress and also an Instagram celebrity she is among the successful model in the kannywood movie industry.

Sadiya Haruna is well known in almost every Hausa state in the northern part of the country her instagram account has over a million followers and the number keeps on growing massively

There is no doubt that Sadiya Haruna has a huge talent when it comes to acting she has been making a huge waves in the Nigerian social media. Despite been an actress she is also a business woman.

According to her social media page it shows that she is into cosmetics business. Been a successful woman in the hausa entertainment industry a lot of people keep on asking for Sadiya Haruna biography on the internet and that’s the main reason why we write down this content.

The internet hasn’t known much about this young actress and that’s the reason why she doesn’t even have a profile with Wikipedia.

Today we are going to look at Sadiya Haruna biography starting from the day she was born to the day she started her entertainment career in the kannywood industry

So let’s dive into Sadiya Haruna biography in 2022

Age 26
State of Origin Niger

Sadiya Haruna biography and entertainment career

Sadiya Haruna was born and raised in the city of Niger state, the veteran actress was born on the 10th of August 1995 right now she is over 26 years old

Sadiya Haruna was born in the city of Niger state but she spend most of her life in the city kano state. Her fame and success happened in a short period of time

She started her career as an instagram comedian, she keeps on making short video of herself on the internet and slowly she begins to drive the attention of people.

She started her career in the years 2018 and she gain fame and success during the pandemic. Later after her fame she got the opportunity to meet the veteran hausa actor Adam A Zango who hook her up in the acting business.

Today Sadiya Haruna has over a million followers on her social media accounts and the number keeps on growing massively.

Also according to her she claim to be a sex therapist there are content of her on YouTube that talks about marital affairs.

Despite been an actress in the kannywood movie industry she is also a big businesswoman according to her she sale cosmetics and herbal medicine for a living.

The main reason why we write down this content is to look at Sadiya Haruna biography so let’s get deep to the content

Sadiya Haruna Education

Sadiya Haruna doesn’t have a standard education there is no record of her attending or graduating from a college or university, but according to her a website on the internet it was written that she is a secondary school graduate.

Sadiya Haruna Batsa

There is something that many people tend to mis understood about Sadiya Haruna, many people believe she is into adult film production, well there is no adult video of Sadiya Haruna and she haven’t related herself to something like that

Sadiya Haruna is just a young lady who’s trying to making a living from the content she produces on the internet. Sadiya Haruna tsirar, Sadiya Haruna hotunan batsa are the two people query that people asking on the internet


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