UNILUS is  offering 100 competitive, merit-based scholarships to help you fi nance your research based PhD/DBA
degree at the University of Lusaka (UNILUS) over a 3-4 year period. UNILUS has recognized the need to ensure that
the outcome of the PhD/DBA research translates into practical applications aimed at not only enhancing service
delivery in both the public
and private sectors, but
also realising the potential
for specialised high-level
knowledge that will be instrumental
in transforming
institutions in health,
education, pensions, fi –
nance, natural resources
and environmental
management, for the
country’s development.
 e Chancellor, Dr. Caleb Fundanga, Congratulating 2018 UNILUS PhD Graduates at the 6th Graduation Ceremony
Th e Scholarships are available towards tuition fees of up to 30% (Th irty Percent) for PhD/DBA degrees commencing
in 2019 and only available to eligible Zambians. All PhD/DBA students under the Scholarship are expected
to work with Full-Time Faculty as Tutors and Teaching Assistants when they have the demonstrable skills and
knowledge of their research areas. Students will be supervised by a cohort of renowned international and local
Scholars and experts.

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