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UNZA CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Training-See Details


UNZA CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Training-See Details

we are pleased to keep you updated about UNZA CCNA Cybersecurity Operations Training-See Details

Uncovering cybercrime, cyber espionage and other threats to the integrity of networks is an exciting new area that spans all industries. Today’s organizations are challenged with rapidly detecting cybersecurity breaches and effectively responding to security incidents. Teams of people in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) keep a vigilant eye on security systems, protecting their organizations by detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats.

CCNA Cyber Ops prepares candidates to begin a career working with associate-level cybersecurity analysts within SOCs. The training focuses on how to monitor, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. Plus, covers cryptography, host-based security analysis, security monitoring, computer forensics, attack methods and incident reporting and handling. Learn the skills to qualify for exciting and growing opportunities in security operation centers as an analyst or incident responder.

The training prepares you for two CCNA Cyber Ops Certifications:

Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals (SECFND) exam (210-250)

Cisco Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS) exam (210-255)

Tuition Fee:                 K3,000.00 (instalments allowed)

Duration:                     2 months

Mode of Delivery:      Evening classes, meeting twice a week from 17:30-19:30 hours

Venue:                         Department of Computer Science, School of Natural Sciences

Start Date:                   Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

Contact:          0961933502, 0978412113

Email   :           computer.studies@unza.zm


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