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Zambia National Library Tuition Fee 2023-2024


Zambia National Library Tuition Fees 2022-2023 (PDF Download)

We are pleased to inform you about Zambia National Library Tuition Fee 2023-2025

Here is the prescribed Zambia National Library Tuition Fee 2022-2023 for the various Courses and degrees, together with the payment dates and minimum fees due by those dates.

Note: Your annual tuition fee will depend on what and where you study. A diploma from a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college could be cheaper than a diploma from a University of Technology, while a degree from a private institution could cost twice as much as the same degree from a traditional university.

Courses are also cheaper at distance-learning institutions, such as the Zambia National Library (Unisa), than at the residential universities.

Generally, you don’t pay per course, but rather per subject that makes up your degree or diploma. You could save money in your first year by choosing fewer courses, but this could end up costing you more.

How to Check Zambia National Library Fee 2023-2024

checking Zambia National Library Tuition Fee and All Fees Structures is as simple as ABC

  •  login to Zambia National Library Official website
  • or (Zambia National Library Student Portal)
  • On the menu, navigate to Fees, there you can access full details regarding Zambia National Library Tuition Fees and All Fees Structures.

Zambia is one of the most educated nations in Africa and a viable option to consider studying.

Several learning institutions give international students a good quality education, experience, and exposure that is much desired in the competitive corporate world.

Learning in Zambia is guaranteed to not let you walk away with a degree only, but to enhance your analytic and critical thinking skills in the greater more globalized world.

How much does college cost in Zambia?

Category Zambian Non-SADC Candidates
Category A: Per Academic Year K16,789.00 $7,460.00
Category B: Per Academic Year K18,358.00 $8,660.00
Category C: Per Academic Year K21,808.00 $9,310.00


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