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Accounts and Admin Officer Needed- Apply Now


Accounts and Admin Officer Needed- Apply Now

PRS is a Zambian consultancy firm that provides three types of consultancy services:


We conduct quantitative and qualitative research on behalf of public and private organisations working in agriculture, finance and health. Assignments are conducted to generate findings that precisely meet each organisation’s information needs. This may range from business research relevant to the private sector, to project impact evaluations that assess the effect of development initiatives.

Project Management

We provide project concept development and management services on behalf of development agencies working in various sectors. Projects are created and implemented to successfully deliver client goals while achieving necessary social impact. This ranges from research projects to testing innovations, demonstrating proof of concept, or implementing behaviour change projects aimed at improving people’s well-being.

Human Capacity Growth

We provide professional and analytical skills training to build proficiency in individuals that leads to institutional growth. Assignments are conducted to ensure individuals obtain and retain knowledge, skills and experience through innovative participatory training methods.

About the Role

The holder of this role will be primarily responsible for executing the organization’s accounting and administrative requirements.


  • Ensure Financial records are maintained in compliance with accepted policies and procedures
  • Establish and maintain the implementation and maintenance of accounting control procedures
  • Ensure all financial deadlines are met
  • Develop and maintain the financial data bases
  • Ensure accurate and appropriate recording and analysis of incomes and expenditures
  • Cash flow management – undertake cash flow planning and ensure the organization has adequate funds to meet its obligations as they fall due
  • Review of all bank transactions
  • Prepare bank reconciliations and clearing all outstanding reconciling items
  • Process of monthly payroll- compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns ensuring compliance with payments reporting and other statutory requirements
  • Prepare and support the preparation of financial reports as allocated
  • Prepare invoices and send to clients when required
  • Print, review and distribute financial statements to the respective function heads and audit trails for monitoring and controls
  • Review and Reconciliation of the Debtors and Creditors accounts
  • Communicate with various stakeholders debtors / creditors to resolve any outstanding debts / payments
  • Plan, manage and track petty cash expenses
  • Manage internal and external audits
  • Maintain a fixed assets register and schedule for all ZAMBIA
  • Coordinate the administrative needs of the office such as coordinating recruitment processes, leave days planning and tracking, ensure staff adherence to administrative policies and others
  • Contribute to the development of company policies such as procurement procedures and others.

Qualifications and Qualities

  1. Minimum of ACCA Level 2 Professional qualification and a member of ZICA
  2. Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role, preferably in a research organization will be an added advantage
  3. Ability to develop and test new systems and processes, carrying them from design to implementation
  4. Good understanding of legislation applicable to the organization’s operations
  5. An ability to develop clear and coherent reports
  6. Good communication skills
  7. High level of integrity and assertive

Culture fit/personal traits

  • Should be able to fit into a ‘start-up’ work culture and adapt to working in a high pressure environment
  • Should be flexible and agile. In a growing company like PRS, change is inevitable, therefore, agility and an ability to adapt quickly are a key part of how we work
  • Should be innovative and able to identify opportunities to integrate suitable technology in the accounting and administrative processes where applicable
  • Must have a passion for learning
  • A strong drive to deliver very high quality results and leave legacies
  • Must have a strong internal customer focus to ensure accounting and administrative systems are responsive to the needs of the business while still upholding the necessary controls requirements
  • Is detail oriented and a proponent of data-led solutions and decision-making
  • Excellent at execution – gets things done!

Candidates who meet the above criteria should send their CVs to admin@prs.org.zm by 9th August, 2019, with the subject heading “Accounts and Admin Officer”. Late applications will not be considered.


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