Actress Anee Icha: Biography, Movies, Relationship And Net Worth

Actress Anee Icha: Biography, Movies, Relationship And Net Worth

We are happy to inform you about Actress Anee Icha: Biography, Movies, Relationship And Net Worth

Anee Icha’s Educational Bacground

Anee had her primary in her home town in Kogi State. She also did part of her secondary education in Kogi and Lagos State respectively.

She later bagged a degree in Theatre Performing Arts in one of the Nigerian Universities.

Anee Icha’s Acting Career

Anee began her acting career dated back to her young age on her relocation to Lagos State, taking minor roles in movies and series.

She became widely and professionally known in 2015 when she played the role of Ama in a hit Nollywood movie, Before 30. The movie was a huge success and shot Anee to limelight in the industry.

‘Before 30 Movie’, centres on four friends by names, Damilola Adegbite, Meg Otanwa, Beverly Naya and Anee Icha who went through life with a determination to get married before the age of 30.

Anee acted the character of Ama in the movie, which portrayed her as the youngest, well spirited and rosy outlook. She shared her faith with her friends freely without fear of betrayal. Her brilliant interpretation of roles, energy, a little bit dynamism in the cast showed her exemplary performance and made her more famous professionally.

Anee Icha has since starred in good number of Nollywood movies, TV series, some of which are:

  • Lara and the Beat
  • Baby Drama
  • The Therapist
  • Palava
  • Castle and Castle
  • Poison Ivy
  • Mmachi
  • The Wait
  • Royal Herbiscus Hotel, among many others.

The Kogi born Nollywood on-screen dava is indeed beautiful, creative and exceptionally talented actress. She is calm, cool and collected in her acting and these salient qualities of her marked her out as a good actress to climb to the pinnacle of the profession in years to come.

In an interview, Anee revealed that her parents, especially her father strongly supported her in her acting career, but expressed worry about her sanity and wellbeing in the movie industry, which to hime has not received credit in Nigeria as a whole. She however added that her father’s demonstration of love and support are true strong factors that modeled her into a well-disciplined, hardworking and challenging young woman she is today.

Anee also dwell on sexual harassment in Nollywood. She said it was a social ill that must not be allowed to destroy the industry, stating that some disgruntled elements in the system have taken an advantage to exploit young up-coming actresses.

Her Marital Life

Anee Icha is not yet married, perhaps in a relationship which has not received public or social media’s attention. There is no available information about her romantic relationship with any man. She has remained silent on this issue.

She revealed that getting married was not a problem or a do or die affair as she would prefer to date a responsible and cultured man but not for material gains. She added that though she is not after any man’s pocket, she will however not get married to someone who is broke.

In 2023, Anee partnered with Ekene Onu on the famous conversations where they talked about women’s bodies, sensuality and agency.

Anee Icha’s Net Worth

Anee Icha is currently doing amazingly well in the Nigerian movie industry with an estimated net worth of about 150,000 dollars.

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