Aunty Ramota: Biography And Net Worth

Aunty Ramota: Biography And Net Worth

We are happy to inform you about Aunty Ramota: Biography And Net Worth

Aunty Ramota has her real name as Ramota Adetu. She is a fast up-coming Nigerian-born born small body built size lady, comedian and socialite who runs “Keeping Up With Ramota” on her Instagram handle.

Ramota was born in 1981 in Ikorodu, Lagos state Nigeria. She has a stunted growth in height and maintains a small stature even in her adult age. As the say goes, there is ability in disability and as such, she wouldn’t allow her stature to deprive her of her God’s gifted talents which today, has shot her to global recognition.

Educational Background

Aunty Ramota had her elementary and secondary education in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Aunty Ramota’s Career

Ramota began her comedy shows few years back, doing exceedingly well in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
She has featured in a good number of comic videos, thrilling people and making them fulfilled with her hilarious comedy.

Ramota is gifted inspite of her small stature, creative and talented comedian. Her comedy skits centre around social issues not only as they affect her life, but life generally. She has severally expressed displeasure over people’s unfair treatment to her because of her small body stature.

Inspite of her stature or body disadvantage, the young woman has forged ahead doing her comedy shows and putting smiles on the faces of her numerous fans across Nigeria.
Anyone who comes across Ramota likes and appreciates her and prefer to take photographs with her. She was even said to have solicited for financial assistance to begin her business outside comedy which of course received wide and quick response.

Ramota is also a Nollywood actress with a number of good movies to her credit including ‘The Cute Abiola’, alias Lawyer Kunle. Most of her movies are hilarious and entertaining shared on social media.

Her Relationship

Aunty Remota was seen married to her instagram friend, Jamiu Azeez, a Nollywood actor in one of their comic videos, but this is not in real life. Whether she is actually in a relationship, is not available. The video went viral.

Comically, Jamiu wrote: “Dear fellow married men, please welcome me to the Club……. Can your bride ever be this beautiful? I love u onitemi atata…….. Thank you all for celebrating with us. We love you all” concluded by Jamiu.

Aunty Ramota’s Net Worth

Aunty Remota is a fast coming up instagram entertainer in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of about $20,000 dollars as at 2023.

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