Kenya Police Recruitment 2023-2024 | Application Form, Requirements & Dates

Official Kenya Police Recruitment 2023-2024 | Application Form, Requirements & Dates

We are pleased as we keep you updated about Kenya Police Recruitment 2023-2024 | Application Form, Requirements & Dates

Kenya Police Recruitment Application.

  • Result slips shall not be accepted.

Any candidate that:

a) Canvasses directly or indirectly;
b) Knowingly presents false educational certificates and testimonials;
c) Engages in any corrupt activity;
Shall be disqualified and within the case of (b) and (c) additionally be in remission and

  • Using section 25 of the National Police Service Commission Act, somebody knowingly provides the Commission info that is fake or confusing in any material specifically commits an offense and shall on conviction be subject to a fine not exceptional 200 thousand shillings (Ksh. 200,000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceptional 2 (2) years or to each.
  • Gender & Diversity: The recruited candidates shall replicate the gender, ethnic, and regional diversity of Kenyan individuals.
  • Application Submission: All candidates should complete the prescribed form obtained from ANY of the following:
    * The closest Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) or any station house
    * The closest Sub-County Administration Police Commander’s (DAPC) offices
    * The closest Huduma Centres
    * County Commissioner’s offices *


  • This is the sole medium for applying for enlisting.
  • Each person will submit only 1 application for this exercise.

You are thus suggested to rigorously opt for the class you’re eligible for, as multiple applications would cause disqualifications.

  • The National Kenya Police don’t demand or settle for gifts or gratification to supply employment.
  • Do not give cash to anyone before, throughout, or when the recruitment process has elapsed. Any candidate found doing either of those would be summarily disqualified and prosecuted.

1. The General Service (GSU)

The General Service Unit is the paramilitary wing of the Kenya police and is employed basically to control and maintain order in any public events that involve massive plenty of individuals.

2. Anti-stock theft unit

This unit of police was created to handle the continual issues Janus faced by northern pastoralist communities that have the matter of oxen rustling. It’s headquartered in Gilgil, Naivasha.

3. Traffic police department

This department has Janus faced the foremost media scrutiny with several media shops having according to news of officers that accept bribes often. The unit is guilty of guaranteeing traffic is flowing swimmingly on all major business routes across the country and guarding motorists likewise. It’s presently headed by Charlton Muriithi.

4. Diplomatic police unit

This unit is headed by Alan Sangaro and is guilty of providing security to all or any members of the Kenyan Diplomatic business firm. It goes while not locution that these square measure the people presumably to own travel on the government’s dime as they defend people who represent Kenya’s interests abroad.

5. Kenya working dog unit

This unit trains and handles all trained canines that facilitate those within the service police Kenya higher. They handle the dogs that screen things for explosives and or contraband.

6. Maritime police unit

They police the Kenyan waters within the areas on the brink of shore whereas their service is complemented by the Navy to guard our sovereign waters. The unit is headquartered at the Kilindini Harbor below the command of Stanly Lenamai.

7. Criminal investigations department (CID)

The Criminal Investigation Department ends all criminal investigations on behalf of the Director of Public Prosecution. They will build arrests and gift proof supporting the prosecution of any suspicious persons. Once a serious crime is according it’s the officers of this board of directors that do the investigations.

As explicit earlier, these units have an equivalent order of ranks inside them. These Kenya police ranks are organized from lowest to highest as follows;

  • Constable
  • Sergeant
  • Senior Sergeant
  • Inspector
  • Chief Inspector
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Superintendent
  • Senior Superintendent
  • Assistant Inspector-General
  • Senior Assistant Inspector-General
  • Deputy Inspector-General
  • Military officer


Shortlisted candidates are going to be contacted by e-mail for Screening and Examination at the Screening Centre selected throughout the net application.


Only applicants that have passed the Screening Examination are going to be invited for coaching.


Candidates that have with success completed the keep fit exercise are going to be passed dead set by the Police Services.

Police Recruitment Deadline/Closing Date.

The Kenya Police enlisting Deadline/Closing is going to be discharged once the enlisting application starts, so for now, there’s no enlisting point for the Kenya police requirement.

Address: Jogoo House ‘A’
Taifa Road
P.O.Box 44249 – 00100

Phone: +020-2221969.

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