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Saturday 1 May 2023


Lina’s mum meets Julio. They get on well, but he writes to Lina to end their relationship. Gloria arrives at the hospital and rumours begin to spread.

Sunday 2 May 2023

Julio stops answering Lina’s messages so she goes to the bar to look for him. Carlos finds Camilo watching inappropriate videos.


Monday 3 May 2023

Manuela and the boys wake up Libertad with a birthday cake, but she gets even more excited when her dad calls her. Andrade returns to the hospital.


Tuesday 4 May 2023

Silvia decides to have surgery and asks María Clara to take the course in Europe.

Wednesday 5 May 2023

Dr Aldana comes out of the operation and puts everything in order for María Clara to travel to Switzerland. Lina receives a note with Byron’s number.

Thursday 6 May 2023

Amalia reassures her daughter before she goes into surgery. Reynaldo assists Dr Borrero, but Fabiana dies.

Friday 7 May 2023

Lina and Julio help Byron, who allows them to go to the apartment. Lina asks Julio to get oxycodone without medical authorisation.

Saturday 8 May 2023

Álvaro prepares everything to go to Vaupés. Fernando will take care of Sarita, and he takes the opportunity to strengthen ties with her.

Sunday 9 May 2023

Lina exposes Byron for having entered the hospital with a fake ID. Realising this, he stabs Julio and tries to flee from the police.

Monday 10 May 2023

The project’s chief engineer blames herself for what’s happening. One of the patients injured during construction dies.

Tuesday 11 May 2023

Felix saves McKenzie’s life and takes him to the emergency room. Manuela is hateful to Gloria because she is jealous of her and Nicolás.

Wednesday 12 May 2023

Félix refuses to give a guarantee for the transfer of the foreign patient from the Vaupés, but Olaff arrives anyway.

Thursday 13 May 2023

Men from the Swedish embassy arrive to transfer Olaff to another place. Gloria asks Nicolás to see an apartment for them to rent together.

Friday 14 May 2023

At Vaupés, Álvaro attends to a pregnant patient’s snake bite and, while examining her, discovers that she has two babies.

Saturday 15 May 2023

Álvaro applies the serum to Etsa. In gratitude, she names one of her sons after him.

Sunday 16 May 2023

Renata introduces herself to Félix as a real estate agent and tells him she will lower the commission fee if he allows her to do the auction.

Monday 17 May 2023

At the auction, Sandra is constantly encouraging Felix. Seeing that Gloria is there, Felix surprises everyone by going up on stage.

Tuesday 18 May 2023

Gloria’s divorce begins and they sign an agreement for the sale of the house.

Wednesday 19 May 2023

Andrade informs Reinaldo that the results have arrived. Álvaro and Fernando find out that Sarita was not accepted at school.

Thursday 20 May 2023

Violeta suggests to Gloria that she use the divorce money for fertilisation. Meanwhile, Gus confesses to Gigi that he’s scared about the surgery.

Friday 21 May 2023

Manuela finds out that Nicolás did not discard the bouquet she gave him. Lina visits Byron in prison.

Saturday 22 May 2023

Alejandra arrives at the hospital after jumping from the seventh floor. In Geneva, Carlos visits María Clara and is shocked when a man opens the door.

Sunday 23 May 2023

Consuelo demands an explanation from Lina, telling her she will not allow her to have a relationship with Byron or let her finish her internship.

Monday 24 May 2023

Nicolás insists that Gloria continue with her pregnancy. Trumpet is taken to the emergency room and confesses that Lina treated him in prison.

Tuesday 25 May 2023

Biosecurity protocols are activated after a possible outbreak of meningitis in prison. Consuelo asks Félix to do something to control the outbreak.

Wednesday 26 May 2023

Consuelo convinces Félix to suspend Lina. In response, Lina decides not to return to the house.

Thursday 27 May 2023

In jail, Castro asks Pata to help him have five minutes alone with Gloria. The Godfather, a drug dealer who works with Diego, visits Manuela.

Friday 28 May 2023

Pedro is recovering from surgery. Susie is angry when the news leaks. Lina meets with Andrade to negotiate her reinstatement as an intern.

Saturday 29 May 2023

Lina manages to continue with her internship and informs Félix that Castro and Gloria spoke in jail.

Sunday 30 May 2023

Robinson is readmitted to hospital. Manuel Castro is released from prison, and Gloria invites Felix over to her apartment to talk.

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