Latest Episode of Razia Sultan Teasers April 2023

We are pleased to inform you about Latest Episode of Razia Sultan Teasers April 2023


Zeeworld Razia Sultan March 2023 Teasers

Wednesday 1 March 2023


Episode 48

Fatima announces that Mirza is fighting against Rukn-ud-din as Sultan. Mirza doesn’t put up a fight for Yasir’s sake. Razia too appears as Sultan. Who is the real Sultan? Shamshad Begum finds Razia’s clothes and deduces that Razia indeed is Sultan. Both Mirza and Razia fight to prove themselves as Sultan.

Thursday 2 March  2023


Episode 49

Turkan asks Yildiz if he wants to harm Razia. Razia requests Yildiz to marry her as soon as possible and take her to Ghazni. Yildiz’s guards arrest Mirza and hang him above a container of acid. Shamshad Begum informs Iltutmish about Razia’s marriage. There is movement in Iltutmish’s hand.


Friday 3 March 2023

Episode 50

Razia shares her feelings for Mirza with Fatima. Shamshad Begum and Shazia are stunned to see Razia dressed up. Mirza burns his hand to apply ‘kajal’ in Razia’s eyes. Razia goes to meet Iltutmish. She kisses her father’s hand and requests him to get well soon. Iltutmish holds Razia back.

Saturday 4 March 2023

Episode 51

Yildiz is shocked to meet a guy who knows about his secret involvement in the mass murder of the Qutub Shahi family. Mirza and Razia narrate their story to Yasir and Shazia. Mirza wants the story to have a happy ending. Yildiz threatens Mirza to kill him after making him suffer.

Sunday 5  March 2023

Episode 52

Turkan and Razia argue. Razia hugs Mirza. She asks him to come to her wedding, but he declines. Yildiz does not want to start the wedding without Mirza.

Monday 6 March 2023

Episode 53

Razia wants revenge, but Shamshad Begum stops her. Yusuf marches with his army towards Delhi. Yusuf demands the head of Yildiz’s killer. Mirza’s life is hanging in the balance. Iltutmish, now completely recovered, decides to act.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Episode 54

Shah Turkan and Rukn-ud-din are afraid of Iltutmish catching up with their lies. Iltutmish punishes Rukn-ud-din by ending his luxurious treatment at the palace. Iltutmish goes lenient on Shah Turkan due to recent losses in his family. Mirza practices asking Razia’s hand in marriage from the Sultan.

Wednesday 8 March 2023

Episode 55

Iltutmish coughs blood. He instructs his doctor to keep his imminent death a secret until he selects a successor. Iltutmish asks Razia if she can handle being a Sultan. Iltutmish declines Mirza’s wish of marrying Razia.

Thursday 9 March  2023

Episode 56

Iltutmish declares his plans to make Razia the Sultan. Iltutmish invites his first wife, Nadira Begum and her son, Muiz-ud-din Bahram to his palace. He also invites Qutub’s sister, Uzma Begum and her son, Iqbal Khan for a special occasion at the palace.

Friday 10 March 2023

Episode 57

Turkan gets to know of Iltutmish’s impending death. Mirza learns that Razia introduced him as her to-be-husband in spite of knowing of Sultan’s disapproval. He is amazed by Razia’s faith in their love.

Saturday 11 March 2023

Episode 58

Iltutmish reveals that he had had the sword stolen to test the potential successors to the throne.

Sunday 12  March 2023

Episode 59

Mirza walks away from Razia. The trio of Rukn-ud-din, Iqbal, and Muiz unite against Razia. They confront Razia about the competition and scare her with the outcome. Razia promises to leave the throne if it stands between her and Mirza

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