Mwizukanji Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Family

Mwizukanji Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Age, Family

Mwizukanji is a Zambian-born actress and social media celebrity. She and her ex-boyfriend, who is better known in Zambia as Yo Maps, have a daughter together.

Mwizukanji Career

Mwizukanji, a popular actress in Zambia, is also well-known on social media for the various interviews that she regularly posts on her Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube profiles.

Mwizukanji Early Life

Mwizukanji received a public apology from Kidist Kifle for all of the unfavorable things she had previously spoken about her husband’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his children.

In an effort to win Mwizukanji’s forgiveness, Kidist begged the woman to grant her (Kidist Kifle) the chance to be Bukata’s stepmother. Mwizukanji had a daughter with Yo Maps. Mwizukanji consented to carry out these two actions.

Kidist Kifle claims that all she wants is for her daughter Yo Maps to be able to interact with Bukata as if they were sisters because their fathers are the same.

Yo Maps’ reaction included a request that Mwizukanji refrains from posting anything about their child on any social media platform. This was in response to a comment made by Mwizukanji in which she expressed worry that her daughter would go hungry since her father isn’t providing for her properly.

In a brief message posted on Facebook, Mwizukanji accepted the regrets expressed by Kidist Kifle and her baby daddy. He also wished Kidist Kifle and her baby’s father luck in their future relationship.

We accept your apology and send our best wishes to you and your darling in anything you accomplish. When it comes down to it, life is really just one big lesson, and we never stop learning, she said.

She then got in touch with Kidist Kifle and asked him to keep Bukata this weekend so she could go out and unwind.

The individual who said that “forgiveness is for your own tranquility” deserves a medal.
A chapter that summarizes everything repulsive that was conveyed to me from either an honest or hateful perspective has come to an end.

We accept your apology and send our best wishes to you and your sweetheart for your future aspirations.

In essence, life is one big lesson, and we are constantly learning new things.

I hope and pray that you two will be successful in whatever you decide to accomplish.
Mummy, I’ve been experiencing “dangerous desires” lately, so please bring me the cake. I really want to leave the house and hang out in the pool this weekend, but it’s your turn to watch the kids.

You should ask father Yo Maps Yo to sing komando to her if she ever starts crying.

Mwizukanji Net Worth

Mwizukanji net worth is yet to be reviewed. But Yo Maps’ net worth is roughly estimated as between K800,000 and K1 million. He has accumulated this net worth from his work as a musician and producer, a businessman, as well as from his endorsement deals.



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