Roger Hardy Net Worth

We are so happy to inform you about Roger Hardy Net Worth

What is Roger Hardy net worth? According to us Roger Hardy net worth is estimated at around $430 Million He is the CEO of Coastal Contacts Inc a company that sells eyewear on the internet


Roger Hardy is a Canadian entrepreneur and also a successful businessman he is listed among the top businessmen in the country of Canada his business is well known not only in his city Canada but all over the globe

There is no doubt that Roger Hardy has a huge reputations in the public despite been a businessman he is also an internet entrepreneur most of people business people out there on the internet knows of him

Roger Hardy is the owner of Hardy Capital and the CEO of Coastal Contacts. A company the sold eyes glasses on the internet. Is very to see crazy someone succeeding from selling glasses on the internet.

Been a famous entrepreneur a lot of people keep on asking for Roger Hardy net worth on the internet and that’s the main reason why we decided to write down this content.

When it comes to net worth Roger Hardy is super rich and this is because he is listed among the successful businessmen in Canada by Google. He is super famous

Today we are going to reveal Roger Hardy net worth by evaluating all that he has made from the business that he has done and also the company that he runs

So let’s dive into Roger Hardy net worth

Net worth $430 Million
Source Bussiness

Roger Hardy Biography and Net worth

Before we get to Roger Hardy net worth lets first look at his biography and entertainment career first so as to understand who he is.

Roger Hardy was born and raised in Toronto, Canada he was born on the 11th of November 1969 right now he is over 52 years old.

Roger Hardy is a hard working person since from the day he was born and that’s why he made his online company successful. According to his record it shows that he grew up in the eastern part of Canada

He did his high school in Earl of March Secondary School after graduating he bag for his bachelor degree in Bishop University. According to his friends in the university they stated that Roger Hardy never gives up in whatever he does

He was competitive in nature since when he was in the university. After he graduated from the university he has worked with some companies before he started his own business.

The main reason why we write this content is to determine Roger Hardy net worth so let’s not waste much time here on his biography.

Let’s get to Roger Hardy net worth straight away

Roger Hardy income from his business

Like said earlier we are going to reveal his net worth by evaluating all that he has been making in the years of his career and this is exactly what we will be doing here.

Based on the research that our team has conducted the found out that Roger Hardy has worked with for transportation and Logistics Company and a contact lens company.

Roger Hardy learn his business skills when he worked for the contact lens company he saw that contact lenses are expensive and at the same time they are financially lucrative.

In the early 2000 Roger Hardy started his company, at that time there was no internet so everything is done manually; he opened a small office where he attends to his clients

For the first few month it went well and he made over $60,000 on his first month little by little he begins to grow his eco system and after one year he has made over $1 Million worth of sales with his company

Around 2005 the internet and magazines in the world recognize his company as the biggest online retail for eyewear in the world. In the years 2012 his company has made over $1 Billion worth of sales of eyewear.

So to know Roger Hardy net worth we must know how much his company worth on the global market. Well based on the research that we conducted Coastal Contact Inc worth $430 Million which is a huge amount of money

Now that we have known how much his company is worth is time we make an ending to this content by telling Roger Hardy net worth

Roger Hardy Net worth 2023

Roger Hardy net worth is estimated at around $430 Million He is the CEO of Coastal Contacts Inc a company that sells eyewear on the internet


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