Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2023-2024 | Form, Requirements & Dates

Zambia Air Force Recruitment portal form, requirements and dates 2023-2024

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We are pleased to keep you updated on Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2023-2024 | form, requirements and dates

The Zambian Air Force (ZAF) is the air force of Zambia and therefore the air operations component of the Zambian Defense Force. Following the creation of the Republic of Zambia in 1964, the previous Northern Rhodesian Air Wing was renamed because the Zambia Air Wing lasted till 1968. The Zambian Air Force was then established.

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The primary missions of the Air Force are to defend Zambia’s borders and defend its airspace. Additionally, it provides varied kinds of air support to the different government departments. It additionally flies intelligence activity, trooping and transport missions for the police and airlifts medical items and personnel to inaccessible areas.

Finally, the organization provides emergency transport whenever required. One such relief operation mounted by the Air Arm occurred in early 2007 then it came to the help of flood victims within the North-Western Province.

The Northern Rhodesia Air Wing operated primarily within the communication and transport role. From 01 March 1964, it absolutely was referred to as the African country Air Force (NRAF). It consisted of 2 squadrons based mostly at David Livingstone Airport, with No-1 Squadron operational a transport fleet of 4 Dakotas and 2 Hunting Pembrokes C.1 received from Southern Rhodesia and No a pair of Squadron a communication and intelligence activity squadron with six DE Havilland DHC-2 Beavers. Initial aid for the Air Force came from the United Kingdom. This was followed by Italian, Yugoslavian, Chinese and Russian aid.

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The IISS  Military Balance 2013 lists the subsequent airplane, all with ‘very low serviceability’: The eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2016) began in Zhuhai on the 1st of November, 2016. The exhibition not just brought along several domestic and foreign well-known exhibitors, but additionally attracted several domestic and foreign customers to go to and to debate opportunities for cooperation.

Erick Chinese, commander of Zambia Air Force, stated that China’s L-15 fighter trainer (training and lightweight attack aircraft) could be a terribly advanced multi-purpose flight platform with advanced astronautics and weapon systems. As a third-generation craft, L-15 has LED the Zambia Air Force to the trendy aviation stage. Within the international market, the advanced trainers primarily embody Yakovlev Yak-130 of Russia and M346 of Italian Republic so on.

Chimese stated that as a developing country, Zambia required things about finance into consideration when purchasing the latest aircraft. As the default partner of the Zambia Air Force, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) provided Zambia which is versatile, which helped the Zambia government fulfill the goal of procuring advanced fighters in a very tight money scenario. Moreover, from the angle of national defense development, Zambia must have a robust air force to defend the country. L-15 will meet this demand and facilitate balanced operational tasks and coaching potency.

President Edgar Lungu counseled the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) on the 19th of November, 2015 for the outstanding skill and political neutrality shown throughout the varied political transformations the country has undergone. The President urged ZAF to continue being flag-waving and constant to the state, Constitution and therefore the individuals of Zambia by putting the nation’s interest initially and not self. He aforesaid the conduct of ZAF personnel had remained above-board and was happy to notice that they were a united force that actually embodied the principle of ‘One Zambia, One Nation.

About Zambian Air Force Enlisting

The Zambian Air Force (ZAF) is the air force of Zambia and therefore the air operations component of the Zambian Defense Force. The Zambia Air Force is known to try and do additional for the country than defend its borders. With no national airline, Zambia’s Air Force is the transport alternative for presidential officers that got to move around the country quickly.

The country is committed to international peacekeeping, specifically on the African continent. Zambia has seen a gradual increase in military expenditure however its soldiers still be hampered by obsolete and out-of-date instrumentation alongside maintaining aging weapons systems.

As Zambia is a country that is surrounded by no navy, it will have a restricted variety of patrol boats that guarantee security on the country’s rivers. Zambia’s air force additionally encompasses a restricted capability because of its tiny size. The country will contribute forces to peacekeeping missions and is a lively participant within the Southern African Development Community and African Union.

Requirements for Zambia Air Force Requirements

  • Must be a Zambian and possess a green national registration card
  • Must have (14) points and below at grade twelve level that ought to embody English, Mathematics, Science and 2 subjects.
  • Should be between eighteen (18) and twenty 5 (25) years older and not but 160com tall.
  • Must be medically, physically and mentally capable
  • Height 1.73m or 5’8 feet for males and 1.65m or 54 feet for female

How to Apply for Zambia Air Force Requirements

Candidates ought to with copies of their qualifications and National Registration Card (NRC) moreover as contact phone numbers.

Names of applicants who successfully pass would be shortlisted and published in newspapers in Zambia and would have to submit more qualitative tests, medical and physical fitness tests, or examinations.

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  1. Since childhood I have a passion to one day be one of the ZAF recruited ….how I wish it could come true…I can give the whole of me just to save my country to always be a good and committed souldier. THANK YOU

  2. Am here to apply has a CE in ZAF since the training are already in progress av obtained my G12 school results and also certificate in computer application. I wish I can be part so that I can help in an way I can thank you in advance.

  3. I have always wanted to become a ZAF never the less I always dream and wish to save my country and use my career which God gave me .

  4. I wish to be accepted into because it has been my childhood career,and if I get a chance to be accepted I would put in all my level best strength and hard work,please see me through by the grace of the almighty peace be with our country.

  5. Dear sir/madam
    Iam here by applying for Zambia Air Force 2022 recruitment, iam a graduate with a grade 12 certificate and a Zambian citizen by birth. Your response will be highly appreciated.

  6. I would love to join the Zambian Army Airforce it as always been my inspiration ever since l was a child that was one of dreams…..

  7. I would love and be very happy to join the army air Force it has been my dream career to be in the air Force, for any updates kindly inform me or contact me on this phone number: 0770495624

  8. I would love and be very happy to join the army air Force it has been my dream career to be in the air Force, for any updates kindly inform me or contact me on this phone number: 0770495624

  9. I always wish to be a solder in my life. I believe its. Not all that comes on a silver plate are easy to acquire. But I believe one day I will be among those that will be selected

  10. I have done a diploma in mechatronics engineering and I have all the requiments and my career is to join this force. please am kindly asking for a notice when the recruitments began my line is 0763947947

  11. I would love to be part of the team that’s going this year. Though am not really sure if you are still open for enrollment. Please get back to me if you are still opening.

  12. Dear sir) madam I saw your advertisement on news paper,I am a well qualified candidate and a full citizen of zambia,I would really love to join the Zambia Air Force,I will be patiently waiting for your call.0970184725

  13. Ever since I was a kid I wished to be among those people to defend the country and am a certified grade twelve with the requirements needed to be among them, being a soldier is my dream your quick response will be highly appreciated

  14. Becoming a soldier has always been my dream, I love my country Zambia, and I wish to be in defense force, in particular Zambia air force, is on top of my dream… Wishing for your update if anything comes am ready

  15. I am a holder of a diploma in nursing and midwifery. I hereby wish to apply for the Zambia air force, please notify me when the recruitment process starts.
    I am available on 0976495391
    Looking forward to your response

    • This has been the song of my life,
      Oooh Lord grant me this opportunity, and I will stand to praise your holy name, make me the first from my district, Ikelengi North Western, Zambia 🙏
      I’m a Zambian aged 24 with a green registeration card and grade 12 certificate.
      Thank you for considering my wish in advance!

  16. Am a Zambian male registered nurse..and I would love to be a nurse soldier.i have all the Stated qualifications..🙏 ..0979068765

  17. I am a school leaver, with 10 points below and mentally, physically, medically capable of the job to protect my country. I have met the needed requirements. Kindly update me on; 0776828276

  18. Since my childhood l have wanted to be join the military service, it’s my prayer that I will be picked this time, I will never up for giving up it’s a week mind-set in life so I will continue pushing and pushing.

  19. Guys please please beware of scam. Don’t make any payments to anyone. I have been scammed 🙃 I do want anyone to cry like I did.the normal recruitment it will be advertised.

  20. It’s being my wish to serve as a Zambian air force, I’ve being holding on to this dream since my junior level in 2017 until now I still hold this ambition because I know that one day I will live in it…my line 0979991620

  21. How can I get the application form? Have always want to be part of the air force please don’t leave me behind this time 0777396381

  22. It has been my desire to work for ZAF , i pray that my dream comes to reality. I hold a G12 certificate, computer science certificate and Mathematics. The massive recruitment of teachers I have missed.

  23. Dear sir/madam
    I am a Zambian citizen with National Green Registration Card aged 19. I am a grade 12 certificate holder with 10 points.
    Please sir/madam it has been my dream to work and be part of the Zambia Air force Defence since childhood it as been really my passion to work for the defense force.
    Your response will be highly respected and honored with alot of thanks

    Yours faithfully
    Phiri Emmanuel

  24. Your response will be highly appreciated, I would like to join the ZAF, you can update me on 0972318833/

  25. I am LLoyd chondwa born in 2004 aged 18 years of age.i completed my grade last year 2021.
    I am a male born in samfya.
    Therefore, i obtained a grade 12 certificate with good results. I passed in 4 subjects and this are,
    English 4, maths 5,biology 6 and art and design 6.
    Therefore, this are my credentials i attached on the other side.
    Honestly speaking, i Will be happy if my application has been acceptes.

  26. Dear Sir/ madam
    I am Zambian cizen aged 20 I wish to work under ZAF as I have been selected to study Biomedical science at Levy Mwanawasa university. As such I want to work under ZAF NRC number 363849/24/1

  27. This posts Title indicates that it has been updated for 2022 recruitments but unfortunatly after reading through is states 2018. Please update your post because it kind of miss leading us the citizens who wish to apply

  28. I am ready to do this job not only for my own but also my country.. please help me fulfill my dream.0771959900 is my number

  29. I have a question regarding the application. If i am applying to be part of ZAF.
    What is the difference between a regular officer and a regular non commissioned officer. Which one do i go for and why ? I got the two terms from the advert

  30. I’m Excellent Hamudonta
    Studying Environmental Health at Eden University I’m in second year
    I would love and ready to become a Zambia Air Force
    NRC 145047/92/1
    Line 0978621560
    I stay in Lusaka but would love to do my training in rulal areas am ready to do my training anywhere it takes

  31. Dear sir/madam
    I am a Zambian citizen with National Green Registration Card. I am a graduate holder of diploma in secondary teaching.
    Please sir/madam it has been my dream to work and be part of the Zambia Air force Defence since childhood it as been really my passion to work for the defense force.
    Your response will be highly respected and honored with alot of thanks

    Yours faithfully

    Salachi Rodgers

  32. I am interested in joining the ZAF,
    I am 19.I completed my secondary school last year and I also possess the Green national registration card.

  33. Am every much interested to be a ZAF nun regular officer here is my NRC number 629651/52/1 I completed my grade 12 in 2015. Here is my grade 12 certificate number 150018536.

  34. Dear Sir/madam
    I am hereby to apply for 2022 recruitment. I am a Zambian citizen with national registration card aged 28 years. I completed my grade twelve obtaining a certificate.

    Ever since have been dreaming about being an army, I will appreciate if your ministry will consider me.


  35. May the almighty God be with me until the right time will come, have been praying for this job because it inspires me alot l hope one day my dream will come true ohh Lord 🙏🙏

  36. Honestly I would love to be part of something that matters in Zambia so it would be a great opportunity to be working with ZAF thank you

  37. Dear Sir/Madam, I’m here by applying for job in the Zambia Air Force as a ZAF officer having I’m a Zambian Citizens having a National Registration Card, I’m 25year having completed my grade twelve 12 in two thousand and twelve 2012 .I have 13 points English merit,maths merit, biology merit, geography credit,Bemba merit, science credit,l have a passion to serve the people of Zambia under ZAF, . Your Faithfully,NRC.227382/46/1, from Chilubi District Northern province Zambia . contact number.0977795829.

  38. Dear sir/madam
    My name is Simupande Malumbe am a male Zambian citizen aged 24 with a green national registration card.Am a holder of a full grade 12 certificate and am a qualified clinical officer who wishes to join the Zambian Air Force.
    I sincerely hope to be selected and your quick response will be highly appreciated.
    0964183343 0977764886

  39. I am Zambian citizen male aged 24 years old with the NRC 249683/18/1 I wish to work under Zambia air force (ZAF) am physically, mentally fit and got good sight with the height of 1.6m, Am willing to undergo military training. ZAF has been my childhood dream. You quick response will be highly appreciated..
    Contact me on;

  40. I would be grateful to join the Zambia Air Force as it has always been my dream to save my country now that I’m 30 years of age I would love to be considered as a non-commissioned officer under trade, general engineering department since I have a class C1 driver’s license please your consideration would be highly appreciated 🙏 my contact 0974289538

  41. Am very much interested in the running opportunity with a qualified grade twelve (12) school leaving certificate and my NRC No.154520/49/1. Cell no.0975727692

  42. Dear sir or madam . My name is moyo Gyan from chipata and I wish to work under zaf as a regular soldier please I was been waiting for this opportunity to come. I wrote g12 in 2020 and I got certificate for feather information I would like to write My details nrc 610577/61/1 I was born in 2001 my line is 0777494441 thank you very much.

  43. My first periolite in my life is to be a real sodier bt being in village is a reason hinders me from im well qualified at G 12 and am in need of help 0970760396

  44. Dear sir/madam. iam Zambian citizens aged 24. I wish to work under ZAF as I have been allowed to go and study the Barchela of science in education ICU Information and Communication University.consider me,I want to work under ZAF.NRC 262169/42/1.0974022721

  45. I am a Zambian citizen with all the requirements in place. It is my sincere wish to be recruited into the army and to be given the privilege to serve the country.
    NRC: 145263/14/1
    Marital status: single
    For more info call 0776379430

  46. my dream of serving and protecting my Country is here
    fit ready and steady to undergo military Training I am your perfect candidate steadily waiting with faith and hope that i will be shortlisted this year. Christopher like, 0975825575

  47. ZAF has been a dream of mine since I was a very small boy, a dream that I want to fulfil and given the opportunity I would make the most of it
    Kombe Jackson qualified zambian citizens NRC 824456/10/1
    Contact number 0976425376
    Would like to apply as a regular officer this coming recruitment

  48. To whom it may concern,
    I have grown up next to a camp and always looked up to many officers and one day hope to be a part of the Zambia Air Force
    Bradley Kabaso luo

  49. Guys is it too late to apply for a ZAF, ZNS or ZA?
    Am really in need of this if there is someone who can help $2pin goes to that person
    App line 0978621560

  50. I am a Zambian citizen with all the requirements in place. It is my sincere wish to be recruited into Zambia Air Force and to be given the privilege to serve the dream of serving and protecting my Country .
    fit and steady to undergo military Training I am your perfect candidate steadily waiting with faith and hope that i will be picked. NRC 297094/71/1 Number#077645266


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